EMG offers guiding and courses in Rock Climbing, Ice Climbing and Alpine Mountaineering. We can organise something to suit your ability and we have a great record of getting people to perform beyond their expectations.


Aside from our expeditions we operate mainly in the Western Alps, but we are more than prepared to venture further afield if you have a particular destination in mind!


Rock Climbing

Awesome valley cragging, varied multi-pitches and committing high altitude rock - the climbing mecca of Chamonix has got it all. Our guides have got the experience and knowledge to read the localised conditions so you get the best out of your day.


Big Wall climbing is also high on the agenda - if you are an experienced climber looking to tick off a major route anywhere in the world ,get in touch and we can help you get there. We are also more than keen to hear you ideas for first ascents in random places, Mark is always pysched!


Alpine Mountaineering

Everyone has their own ambitions when it comes to mountaineering, from climbing technically challenging routes to just finding tranquility away from it all in the high mountains.

Whether you are up for a peaceful journey on a mountain ridge or dream of summitting the highest peaks in Europe we can help you make it happen. Our guides will work  with you to plan a trip according to your specifications and will offer valuable tips (and an annoyingly cheery face when the going's tough) to help you get the most out of the experience. 


Alpine Private Guiding On Routes Grade D (and above)

We run many weeks of private guiding on the more extreme routes. These trips are tailor made to suit the client's needs and aspirations. The costing for such routes is based on the commitment and severity of the route. Please contact the office to discuss your plans and routes with us. Premium rates will apply to routes of Grade D and above, for days that exceed a 10-12 hour shift, may require a bivouac, are over 500m of pitched climbing or are routes on committing North faces or Alpine Ridges. For example routes such as:

North Face of Les Droites

North Face of Les Courtes

Traverse of the Chamonix Aiguilles

North Face of the Grandes Jorasses

North Face of the Petit Dru


Guiding Ratios for such routes are 1:1


Ice Climbing

Even if you have never thought of ice climbing before, why not surprise yourself! Despite it's reputation of being cold  and challenging, ice climbing is actually a user-friendly and satisfying sport. With the right equipment and right guide you can scale what at first sight  looked an impossible wall.

In mid-winter there is great ice close to the valley floor in Chamonix and climbing is just as good in marginal weather. The activity is also open to older children.

Thanks to Chamonix's steep north faces there is ice to climb almost year round, but if you want to climb during the warmer season be prepared for a very 'alpine' start…



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