Ski Grades


Fitness Required:  



  Good basic level of fitness to ski for six hours in the day.



Skiing steeper inclines +35 degrees all day. Ski touring hut to hut all day with a light rucksack.



  Hut-to-hut ski tours. Fitness to ascend for 4 hours with a 10Kg rucksack.



Ski mountaineering requiring you to carry skis, axe and crampons. You need to be able to climb for four hours with a 12Kg pack.



  Ski expeditions where you are skiing in all snow types with a heavy pack. Fitness for consecutive days of strenuous skiing, or sled pulling.



Off Piste Ski Levels  



  You ski reasonably confidently on the piste on black runs and can handle 35 degree slopes (i.e Tortin in Verbier). You have little or no off-piste experience but are eager to give it a try, even if it might make you a little apprehensive. You are scared of steep terrain but willing to try and condition yourself to dealing with your fear.



You have some off-piste ski experience with a guide or instructor but you are not confident on very steep gradients or in difficult snow. You are aware of avalanche danger and crevasses, but not really sure about how to deal with them.



  You are  a confident off-piste skier, and can deal with most gradients except for the most severe. You ski with a backpack confidently. You want to get away from the masses and out into the high mountains. You have been instructed in avalanche drills and crevasse rescue. You are keen to ski some couloirs and need some instruction with respect to techniques of entering them.



You are a very confident off-piste skier who has done many routes and using skins is second nature.  You are confident about mountain navigation and planning routes. You have probably done the Haute Route or some other long distance ski tour. You can handle all types of snow including crud. You may well have been heliskiing.



  You are on the Free-Ride Tour or a ski professional or IFMGA guide who can ski anywhere, on any Continent, in all terrain and conditions with good technique.


Ski Grades

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Skiing the Vallée Blanche

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Skiing the Haute Route

  Skiing the Haute Route  
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